YONAR people are defined by a few basic characteristics. They have a willingness to take on challenges and explore new ideas; they have the drive to excel and the determination to perform their best. They carry out work in the safest manner possible, as demonstratedby a safety record that is unmatched in the industry.
YONAR people are experts. From day one, our employees receive some of the finest training in the industry, coupled with hands-on mentoring. We are as dedicated to the success of the people we hire to build our projects as we are to the people who hire us to build them.

In order to achieve our high quality objectives, safely, on time and on budget, it is very important to have talented people as members of our team. In YONAR, we aim to retain our high performing colleagues, under well satisfied conditions. Therefore we focus on people who take our vision and values as theirs and combine our culture with their behavior, by converting challenging situations into good business opportunities.

Job Opportunities

To apply for the currently available employment positions in YONAR, please follow the requirments in our web site. The application will also ensure that your information will take part within our database.
All applications are carefully examined and evaluated by our Human Resources Department and then the potential ones, according to the applicants' preferences, are sent to the appropriate departments and/or projects.