Yeşil Bina
Green Construction

Buildings, infrastructure and the environment are inextricably linked. Energy, materials, water and land are all consumed in the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure. These built structures in turn become part of our living environment, affecting our living conditions, social well-being and health. It is therefore important to explore environmentally and economically sound design and development techniques in order to design buildings and infrastructure that are sustainable, healthy and affordable, and encourage innovation in buildings and infrastructure systems and designs.

YONAR is committed to the success and increased adoption of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry for protecting and preserving the earth’s natural resources. Reducing our human footprint is a shared responsibility and we will continue to be a leader of eco-friendly business practices. Our commitment extends from our company headquarters and regional offices to our jobsites and to the personal practices of our team members.
As proponents of environmental sustainability and green living, we will continue to pioneer a path for others to follow. To ensure the integrity and success of our efforts, we have established the following practices:

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