Health, Safety & Environment
Health, Safety & Environment

YONAR will operate Incident & Injury Free and is committed to realising this wherever YONAR has a presence. This philosophy reaches every part of the YONAR’s operations and extends to clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders.

YONAR will:

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Zero Accidents 

Safety is an important part of our everyday world in the construction business. Safety is critical on every jobsite and in every office. The key to a successful safety program is awareness and a continuous reinforcement of the safety programs and philosophies of the company. All accidents are preventable and safety is the responsibility of each and every employee of YONAR.

Safety is always YONAR's top priority—a value that is fundamental to our culture. YONAR has earned an industry-leading record of achieving zero lost-time incidents on 95 percent of our projects. Year after year, our zero accidents policy helps put our safety performance right at the top of the industry.
 At YONAR, we believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every YONAR project through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Every employee has stop-work authority—if it's not safe, don't do it. We also ask our subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations.

Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe, and it also pays off for our customers. Their operating costs go down and productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents. They also frequently pay less for insurance. 

It is the policy of YONAR :

 • Safety will take precedence over expediency and shortcuts.
 • Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of accident occurrence.
 • The company intends to comply with all applicable safety laws.
 • The company intends to maintain neat, clean, safe, attractive and healthful working conditions.
 • Management at levels shall be behind the safety effort.
 • The management concept is not production and safety; it is production with safety.

YONAR’ s  Safety Department is responsible for jobsite visits, safety audits and safety class instruction. All field personnel participate in OSHA Awareness Training, CPR and First Aid Training

Sustainability & Environment

YONAR’s commitment to sustainability means supporting our customers in meeting government, community, and financing requirements for sustainability.
Our sustainability group focuses on the following services:

Commitment to the Environment 
YONAR is committed to environmental excellence. Each of our projects, whether a power plant, a refinery, a new road, or a telecommunications facility, has the potential to affect people, animals, plants, and the land. Our goal always is to protect the environment during a project, and to build in safeguards that will keep protecting it long after the project is complete.

We make sure that every project we undertake meets or exceeds government regulations for air and water quality. We also take steps to mitigate potential impact on nature at and near project sites. That includes creating new habitats for animals and birds, planting trees to replace any that must be removed, and modifying project designs to accommodate rare and endangered species.  

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